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SAF Logistics: experience you can trust!

Founded in 1994, SAF Logistics quickly made a name for itself in the transportation industry. Our young and effective team will manage your turnkey service needs. We’ll take care of your goods from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.

Nearly 20,000 loads per year!

We can leverage our years of experience to design solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations! We’re here to help with all your road, air, rail and intermodal transport needs! Need urgent transport? Contact us and we’ll find the solution!

Choosing SAF Logistics means choosing a passionate team that cares about customer satisfaction. We meet your deadlines, on budget. Our flexible team is ready to help if your requirements change.

Our logistics experts and support staff offer customized service that’s available 24/7. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure we’re available when you need us, because we know it makes a difference.

More than 25 years of experience means you can trust the SAF Logistics team!

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Jean-Sebastien Parr
General Director
P 819-229-3000 ext 2311
C 819-995-5500

Véronique Bourgeois
Accounts Payable
P 819-229-3000 ext 2211

Annick Aubry
Assistant Director
P 819-229-3000 ext 2255
C 819-386-5565

Mélanie Leblanc
P 819-229-3000 ext 2299

Michelle Rancourt
P 819-229-3000 ext 2355

Schumacher, Joan
Customer Service/tracking
P 819-229-3000 ext 2224

Steven Bedard
P 819-229-3000 ext 2238

Ernesto Garza
Customer service
P 819-229-3000 ext 2324